About Us

The Green Party is growing fast. We now represent people in Westminster and in a record number of local councils, as well as in the London Assembly.

Here in Swansea and Gower we are currently working hard to elect our first Green Councillors to add that much needed voice to the Council chamber to address the critical issues that the other parties are not even discussing.

We're working progressively on local issues; to improve the lives of all people in Swansea and Gower, and to improve our local environment. As part of the Green Party of England & Wales, we share a deep concern for social and environmental justice, expressed through our national policies, we believe fair is worth fighting for.

We rely on people power rather than corporate finance in all that we do, so if you'd like to help the local party to get Greens elected here, please donate a small sum either as a single donation or as a monthly direct debit at https://swansea.greenparty.org.uk/donate  Get involved with us today so that we can achieve so much more for Swansea and Gower.

Be part of the change and join the Green Party today by clicking https://join.greenparty.org.uk/

Everyone is welcome, and remember a Green in the room can make a massive difference for all our futures.