Swansea and Gower Green Party #GE2017 Candidates Announced - Press Release

13 May 2017

Press release - 11 May 2017

The Wales Green Party is proud to announce that it will be standing candidates in two of the three Swansea constituencies in the forthcoming General Election; Mr Mike Whittall will be standing in Swansea West, while Mr Chris Evans will be standing in Swansea East.

In these two constituencies the Wales Green Party offers the option of a party that will stand up for people, the planet, and democracy, providing an alternative that will not make our lives worse. Unlike other parties we stand fully against all attempts to privatise the NHS, support a fully funded modern education system fit for the 21st Century, and an economy that works for everyone, not just a small majority of high earners.

In the 2015 General Election the Gower constituency gave the Conservative Government its smallest majority in the country. The Conservative Party in Government has targeted the most vulnerable people in our society, slashed vital public services, forced millions to use foodbanks, as well as passing environmentally damaging legislation, whilst giving tax cuts to the most wealthy and massive subsidies to environmentally damaging industries.

The sitting MP in Gower, Byron Davies, has an abhorrent voting record in Parliament. Whether it is cutting payments to the disabled, allowing the privatisation of the NHS, voting against Wales to receive the same level of funding it would have had in the EU, or voting to allow fracking to devastate vast swathes of his own constituency, Byron has done it all. It is almost unthinkable that a sitting MP would vote to potentially poison surface and groundwater supplies in his own constituency particularly in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This is a move which could obliterate the local Tourism, cockle and agricultural industries whilst simultaneously seeing house prices in the area plummet.

Even though Labour have refused to return the favour in Brighton Pavilion and the Isle of Wight, constituencies where they stand little chance of winning, the Swansea & Gower Green Party have democratically decided to step aside in the Gower constituency for the 2017 General Election and urge our members and supporters in the constituency to support the Labour Party candidate who has the best chance of removing Byron Davies from his seat at Westminster which we believe is in the best interests of the people of Gower, present and future.

Chris Evans, Swansea East Candidate

Chris Evans, Swansea East Candidate

Mike Whittall, Swansea West Candidate

Mike Whittall, Swansea West Candidate

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