We are fielding eight candidates in the Swansea Council Election 2017

12 April 2017

Swansea City and County Elections May 2017

We are fielding 8 candidates in 8 wards.

  • Bishopston - Karen Laurence
  • Castle - David Smith MBE
  • Fairwood - Abi Cherry-Hamer
  • Newton - Raymond Laurence
  • Oystermouth - Anna Pigott
  • Penderry - Tony Young
  • Uplands - Gareth Tucker
  • West Cross - Chris Evans

Below you will find further details of our candidates and community priorities. 


Gareth Tucker, Uplands Candidate



Uplands - Gareth Tucker

Gareth lives and works in Uplands, where he is standing as the ward candidate. He is a chartered engineer and director of a small employee owned business that specialises in renewable energy. He has a strong interest in community energy and sits, in a voluntary capacity, as chair of board of directors of Swansea Community Energy and Enterprise scheme SCEES https://www.swanseacommunityenergy.org.uk/ 

I will:-

  • listen and act on the issues that are most important to you.
  • Address parking around Uplands Crescent area and other hot spots
  • Provide more litter, recycling and dog waste bins in the area

Uplands Leaflet 



West Cross - Chris Evans

Chris's family has lived in West Cross since the 1960s and has strong ties to the West Cross area. His daughter, Ariana, is a current pupil at Mayals Primary. He currently works in the library at Swansea University and is the Wales Green Party Policy Development Coordinator. Chris also undertakes regular charity work both as a member of two local bands and individually, undertaking a 570km trek through Wales for two Autism charities in July.

I will:-

  • Support traffic calming measures outside Mayals Primary School
  • Support simplified rules which allow our local tradespeople to have free access to Council waste facilities
  • Support a safe cycle route between West Cross and Bishopston Comprehensive
  • Support full provision of services to all. Especially the most vulnerable residents in West Cross, such as the elderly and differently abled, based on need 

West Cross Leaflet 



Chris Evans, West Cross Candidate, Swansea




 Ray and Karen Laurence 



Bishopston - Karen Laurence

Newton - Ray Laurence

Ray and I both live in an amazing part of Wales Murton/ Newton and enjoy a privileged life style. We live on a very simple budget and enjoy a very low cost life style. We are passionate about education, the arts,(music, poetry, painting, ) peace, happiness, and contentment for all. We would like for all human beings in the British Isles to enjoy organic, nutritious food, clean and pure water, water proof and damp proof well insulated housing, travel by free public transport, interesting and fulfilling useful jobs, which will benefit the community and the UK without poisoning the environment and air to breathe which is pure , unpolluted, fresh and beneficial to all living creatures. We would look to promote these values in our work as councillors for the city. 




Oystermouth - Anna Pigott

Anna lives in Mumbles and is currently finishing a PhD in Geography at Swansea University. She has an MSc in Climate Change and Environmental Dynamics. Her background is in sustainability, having worked previously in environmental and outdoor education in the UK and abroad, and for London-based organisation Forum for the Future. More recently she worked with Swansea University's Sustainability Team helping to run staff and student engagement projects. Her current research is motivated by the idea that "if we can't imagine an alternative, we won't create it", and to that end she has been involved with several inspiring projects in Swansea which are demonstrating exciting ideas for improving society and environment. Anna is a co-director of local arts and sustainability organisation Emergence, and she writes for the online community news magazine Swansea News Network.

I will :- 

  • Listen and act on the issues most important to you
  • Support local services, organisations, and independent shops
  • Fight for improved and more affordable public transport, including cycling infrastructure



Anna Pigott




Abi Cherry-Hamer



Fairwood - Abi Cherry-Hamer

Abi Cherry-Hamer lives in Upper Killay with her young family. A former solicitor, she currently works at Swansea University.

I will:-

  • Introduce traffic calming measures on Gower Road, especially around Cila Primary School
  • Address litter and dog mess issues through the village
  • Listen to your issues and address them however I can




Penderry - Anthony Young

Tony, is Chair of the Swansea and Gower Green Party, has lived in the Penderry ward for most of his life. He qualified as a secondary teacher in 1967. During his career he has taught modern languages and maths to GCSE level.

Tony is a member of CND. In fact he joined the Green Party primarily because it is a party that espouses the policy of achieving global peace through a programme of phased multilateral disarmament, and total abolition of nuclear weapons

If elected he would prioritise :

  • The resurfacing of roads throughout the ward (in particular Penderry Rd, which is in a dreadful state)
  • Development of suitable 'green' areas across the ward into either play areas for children, community areas in which families can gather, or allotments in which people can grow their own food
  • Clamping down on illegal parking outside schools




Anthony Young






David Smith MBE


Castle - David Smith - MBE

David has lived in Castle since the 2015 and has strong links to local community. He currently works as a full-time athlete for GB Boccia and has recently received an MBE for his exploits in the Paralympics. He is chairman and founder of Swansea Boccia club providing sports opportunities for people with disabilities. 

I will:- 

  • Tackle the loud boy-racer gatherings on Parc Tawe car parks. 
  • Support local businesses to settle on the high street and enable growth. 
  • Tackle the anti-social behaviour around the Strand at night. 
  • Encourage social services to embrace independent living for disabled people. 





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