Karen Laurence

Karen Laurence is our Bishopston Candidate for Swansea City and County Elections May 2017



Ray and Karen Laurence



Ray and I both live in an amazing part of Wales Murton/ Newton and enjoy a privileged life style. We live on a very simple budget and enjoy a very low cost life style. We are passionate about education, the arts,(music, poetry, painting, ) peace, happiness, and contentment for all. We would like for all human beings in the British Isles to enjoy organic, nutritious food, clean and pure water, water proof and damp proof well insulated housing, travel by free public transport, interesting and fulfilling useful jobs, which will benefit the community and the UK without poisoning the environment and air to breathe which is pure , unpolluted, fresh and beneficial to all living creatures. We would look to promote these values in our work as councillors for the city. 




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