Green Councillors in Swansea & Gower

Killay Community Council

Jim RobinsonCllr. Jim Robinson

Jim was appointed to Killay Community Council in July 2015. 








Past Councillors


Pennard Community Council


Mark GriffithsCllr. Mark Griffiths 


Appointed in April 2014, Mark has now served on Pennard Community Council for over a year and worked well for the people of Pennard to bring a different form of politics that works for all. In just one year Mark has;


  • Ensured all waste is recycled from the Community Hall. 
  • Ensured the community hall uses a 100% Green energy tariff from Ovo Energy to reduce the carbon footprint of the council.
  • Introduced dual purpose bins across Southgate and Kittle.
  • Helped to rewrite the council's environment policy to bring it up to date.
  • Reviewed public footpaths in the local area to enhance accesibility. 


This was all acheived with just one local councillor, imagine what we could attain if we held more than one seat on the council. If you would like to help out your local Green Party in Pennard, visit our facebook site, or drop us an email!




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