Gareth Tucker

Gareth Tucker is our Uplands Candidate for Swansea City and County Elections May 2017



Gareth Tucker, Uplands Candidate



Gareth lives and works in Uplands, where he is standing as the ward candidate. He is a chartered engineer and director of a small employee owned business that specialises in renewable energy. He has a strong interest in community energy and sits, in a voluntary capacity, as chair of board of directors of Swansea Community Energy and Enterprise scheme SCEES

I will:-

  • Listen and act on the issues that are most important to you.
  • Address parking around Uplands Crescent area and other hot spots
  • Provide more litter, recycling and dog waste bins in the area

Uplands Leaflet


Past Elections

Swansea West Assembly Candidate 2016

Morriston Candidate 2015



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