Chris Evans

Chris Evans is our West Cross Candidate for Swansea City and County Elections May 2017


Chris's family has lived in West Cross since the 1960s and has strong ties to the West Cross area. His daughter, Ariana, is a current pupil at Mayals Primary. He currently works in the library at Swansea University and is the Wales Green Party Policy Development Coordinator. Chris also undertakes regular charity work both as a member of two local bands and individually, undertaking a 570km trek through Wales for two Autism charities in July. I will:-

  • Support traffic calming measures outside Mayals Primary School
  • Support simplified rules which allow our local tradespeople to have free access to Council waste facilities
  • Support a safe cycle route between West Cross and Bishopston Comprehensive
  • Support full provision of services to all. Especially the most vulnerable residents in West Cross, such as the elderly and differently abled, based on need 

West Cross Leaflet 




Chris Evans, West Cross Candidate, Swansea






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